Tunisia engages the army in the struggle against COVID-19

It has been announced that the army will take a more active role in cooperation with civilian authorities in Tunisia, which has been struggling with the increasing cases of the COVID-19 epidemic recently.

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According to the statement made by the Tunisian Presidency, a new road map was decided in the extraordinary meeting attended by President Kais Saied, Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi, relevant ministers, and officials.

According to the plan, with the participation of the army, the armed forces and civil authorities will carry out the vaccination campaign together in the departments decided in the country. In addition, medical students who graduated in the last 3 years will be recruited into the army. President Saied called on medical graduates to join this national mobilization.

Stating that the first work within the scope of the plan will start in the province of Tatavin, where the epidemic is heavy, Saied noted that the curfew and quarantine will be meticulously implemented throughout the country.

Tunisia has announced a quarantine plan that includes a curfew restriction on Saturdays and Sundays across the country from July 10.

On the other hand, Finance Minister Ali Kooli announced that the government has allocated a budget for the supply of 15 million doses of vaccine and that they have started negotiations to bring it to the country as soon as possible.

Health institutions in Tunisia, where the COVID-19 epidemic has recently been on the rise, are struggling to cope with the increasing number of cases.

In a country with a population of approximately 11 million, while the number of people vaccinated is still around 500 thousand, Tunisians who do not want to be vaccinated in rural areas complicate the effective vaccination campaign.

In the last statement made by the Tunisian Ministry of Health, it was stated that the total loss of life in the country in the epidemic increased to 15,482, the number of cases increased to 447,161, and the number of those recovered to 364,538.

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