The Israel-made product causes anger in Kuwait

The selling of Israeli-made food products in Kuwaiti local markets, after they were imported from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), caused anger in Kuwait.

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Turning out to be sold off the Israel-origin food products, which were imported from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and then introduced into Kuwait local markets, provoked popular anger among people in Kuwaiti society. The incident came to the surface as an Israeli-made hummus photo was circulated on social media by Kuwaiti activists.

After snowballing reactions, a copy of a letter issued by a cooperative society addressing the Federation of Cooperative Societies in Kuwait was started to be circulated on social media, as well. The letter involves complaints regarding the selling of the Israeli products and demands to remove them from the market.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce and Industry decided to close eight stores last November upon receiving similar complaints from consumers denouncing that they were selling Israeli-made goods. The case had also been brought to the Public Prosecution Office.

Such commercial agreements accelerated between the UAE, Bahrain, and Israel after they signed a normalization agreement in September 2020. The Kuwaiti Parliament strongly rejected to take such a step.

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