The EU and Greece’s objections to the hydrocarbons deal with Libya are ‘insignificant’ according to Türkiye

Turkish Foreign Ministry calls on the EU and its member states to respect the sovereignty and equality of states in line with international law and UN principles.

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On Tuesday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry stated that statements made by Greece and the EU about Turkey’s new hydrocarbon agreement with Libya had “no significance or value for our nation.”

“Objecting to an agreement signed between the two states is not only contrary to international law but also to the fundamental principles of the United Nations,” ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgic said in a statement in response to remarks by Athens and the EU expressing concerns about the Monday-signed agreement.

He said that Türkiye urged the EU and its member states not to exceed their power and to respect the sovereignty and equality of nations by following international law and UN principles.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated similarly on Monday, during his visit to Libya, when asked about the issue: “Third nations do not have the authority to meddle with agreements reached by two sovereign countries.” It makes no difference what people think.”

Cavusoglu, together with Türkiye’s presidential spokesman, energy and natural resources minister, defense minister, commerce minister, and communications director, led a high-level delegation to Libya on Monday for discussions on bilateral relations and regional challenges.

During the visit, officials from the two countries signed several agreements in a variety of fields, including hydrocarbons.

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