The establishment of Sudan’s new joint security force elicited mixed reactions

The Sudanese Sovereignty Council's decision to establish a joint security force to ensure security in the capital Khartoum elicited different reactions among the Sudanese people and some political forces.

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The creation of the joint security force has triggered fears in different quarters, especially since some armed groups are not trained to provide security in cities. In addition, there is some discomfort due to the fact that the RSF will also be in this structure for some political groups.

The Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), which is part of the ruling coalition, has not made an official statement regarding this decision, which was largely rejected on social media and cited by the military as a further violation of the transitional constitutional document. However, the members of the FFC Leadership Council emphasized that this development could lead to worse situations in the statements they made to the Sudanese media and their personal social media accounts. It is also anticipated that the FFC will make an official statement after meeting on this issue on June 21.

The head of the United Nations Integrated Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), Volker Perthes, said he encourages the international community to support the Sudanese police which had been weakened by the ousted regime as it focused on the repressive security apparatus and various militias. In this context, Perthes said: “The police are the most appropriate body to protect civilians. Preparations are underway with them for training programs to be held in Khartoum and Darfur. In the future, we will expand it to include the Two Areas and eastern Sudan”.

Mohamed Hassan Haroun, spokesperson of the Sudan Liberation Movement – Minni Minnawi, stated that he welcomes the formation of this new power and emphasized that they will take part in the operations, pointing out that insecurity should be prevented.

On 17 June, the head of the RSF, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, announced the formation of a new force to establish security in Khartoum and the whole country, comprised of the RSF paramilitary unit, police, armed forces, and ‘representatives’ of rebel groups.

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