The commemoration of the 2-year anniversary of previous protests in Sudan turns bloody

Two people lost their lives in a demonstration organized in Sudan to commemorate those who lost their lives in protests demanding a transition to a civil government back in 2019.

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Sudan’s official news agency SUNA reported that, during the demonstrations held in front of the army headquarters in the capital, Khartoum, 2 people lost their lives, and 28 people were injured as a result of the intervention of security forces. In addition, Sudan’s Doctors Central Committee reported that people who gathered in the square for iftar under the leadership of the families of the martyrs were intervened using guns and gas bombs.

In a statement after the events, Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok announced that an investigation was initiated. In his statement, Hamdok called some ministers to an emergency meeting to discuss the issue of shooting demonstrators. “Shooting at peaceful protesters is a crime that cannot be ignored”, he said.

Sudan’s General Staff made a statement on the issue, as well. According to the statement, it was emphasized that the crime of shooting at the protesters on Tuesday was not based on any hierarchical instructions and an investigation committee was established within the Presidency to identify the criminals. In this context, it was emphasized that they were in contact with the judicial authorities to find the criminals.

In Sudan, Omar al-Bashir’s administration was dismissed as a result of protests on April 11, 2019. Today, there is a transitional government in Sudan established by military and civilian partnership. However, the economic and political crisis still continues in the country on the basis of high inflation and high exchange rates. Therefore, there is a fragile peace environment in the country.

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