Tens of people falsely imprisoned by UAE-backed forces in Yemen, rights group says

Dozens of civilians have been detained in Hodeidah by forces affiliated with National Resistance Forces (NRF) and the Giants Brigade, over their social media posts.

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On Wednesday, SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, a non-profit organization based in Geneva, revealed its report investigating human rights violations in Yemen. According to the report, the United Arab Emirates (UAE)-backed groups detained dozens of civilians from districts of Hodeidah Province and keeping them in illegal prisons.

Detentions had been carried out during last week, the rights group said. Given the reasons for arrest, it is seen that civilians were detained due to their social media posts. SAM stated that the detention operations were carried out by the National Resistance Forces (NRF) led by Tareq Saleh and the Giants Brigade led by Abu Zarah Al-Muharrami.

The group also announced that another 20 people from the south of Hodeidah had been arrested by the UAE-backed forces on the ground for having links with the Iranian-backed Houthi group. It was reported that many of them are still held in custody, although there are popular demands to release them.

The group emphasized that the offenses being charged against the detainees have no legal base and are politically motivated. These incidents are also a clear attack against the judiciary power, SAM added. The group has issued a call to the UAE-backed forces for the immediate release of the detainees.

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