Syria’s Idlib under continuing fire by al-Assad regime

The Bashar al-Assad regime and its ally Russia stepped up attacks on Idlib as part of their latest military escalation campaign.

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The Syrian civil defense group, the White Helmets, stated that regime forces and Russia intensified the bombing of the residential neighborhoods in Zizoun village in Hama province. The group said on its Twitter account that its teams were facing difficulties running rescue operations due to “non-stop bombing” conducted by al-Assad forces.

Referring also to the bombing and siege of residential neighborhoods in Daraa province in the south of Syria, the White Helmets claim that the regime aims to break into the city and commit massacres through bombing and sieging.

The director of Syria’s Response Coordination Group, Mohammad Hallaj, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the regime and its allies violated the ongoing ceasefire in Idlib at least 800 times in the last 45 days, consequently killing at least 66 civilians.

Turkey and Russia brokered a ceasefire deal on March 5, 2020. The al-Assad regime has been continuously violating the deal by launching attacks inside the de-escalation zone. The region is home to nearly 3 million people with around 75% of the total population depending on humanitarian aid to meet their basic needs.

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