Syrian opposition discuss Daraa with Central Committee

Syrian opposition leaders discussed the situation on the ground with the Central Committee and revolutionary forces via a virtual meeting.

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The President of the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC), Salem al-Meslet, held a virtual meeting with the representatives of the Daraa Central Committee and revolutionary forces to discuss the situation on the ground in southern Syria.

Representatives said the regime-linked Fourth Division and Iranian militias had targeted three mosques as part of the systematic attacks on mosques and places of worship. The humanitarian condition was pointed out to reach an alarming level due to severe shortages of drinking water, food, and medical supplies as well as lack of access to healthcare services.

The Central Committee explained that it rejected all proposals attempting to forcibly displace the people of Daraa. Progress was said to be observed as a part of ongoing negotiations with the Assad regime’s security services.

Al-Meslet mentioned that he was talking with the US State Department and Turkish authorities with the aim of ensuring urgent measures to save the people of Daraa, lift the blockade, and confront the Iranian plans in southern Syria.

He urged the Arab community to take effective regional action against the malicious Iranian schemes in southern Syria. Assad’s targeting of civilians was interpreted to be part of his agenda to back Iranian schemes and change the demographic structure of the area.

The Syrian regime has been imposing a blockade on Daraa for nearly two months. Despite Russian intervention and the announcement of a ceasefire to stop the clashes between the regime forces and rebels, Iranian-backed factions renewed their shelling of residential neighborhoods and camps last week.

Russian representatives continue talks with the local leaders in the Daraa Central Committee to agree on a roadmap in ending the escalation in Daraa. Russian President Vladimir Putin will also meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah II to discuss recent developments in Daraa.

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