Sudanese coup attempt prepared for 11 months, says Dagalo

The Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, expressed that last week’s failed coup d'état attempt took 11 months of preparations.

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On Tuesday, Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, also known as “Hemedti”, stated that last week’s coup attempt took 11 months of preparations, during an address to forces of the army’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in the city of Bahri.

Dagalo stated that there is no coup attempt on their part and people should be reassured. He further expressed, “Mistakes must be corrected, and a small group cannot seize power alone.”

“Sudan will not get out of its predicament without reconciliation,” he said, going on to warn that instability in Sudan “will negatively affect the entire region.” The deputy also called for expanding political participation in the government, excluding the former ruling National Congress Party.

Sudan has been going through a 53-month transitional period since August 21, 2019, following the ousting of Omar al-Bashir, which will end with general elections scheduled to be held in early 2024.

Power is currently shared by the army, the Forces of Freedom and Change alliance, and armed movements that signed a peace agreement with Khartoum on October 3, 2020.

However, disagreements between the military and civilian components of the transitional government have intensified in recent months due to ongoing protests in eastern Sudan, power handover to civilians, and appointing a chief justice, among a vast number of other issues.

Last week, Sudanese authorities thwarted a coup attempt by a group of military officers.

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