Sudanese civilians accuse Egypt of interfering in its domestic politics

On Monday, new protests against Sudan's ruling military began, during which protesters accused Egyptian officials of supporting Sudan's military coup and called for a full civilian government

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On Monday, new protests against Sudan’s ruling military began, with calls for a full civilian government.

The Resistance Committee, a protest group that led anti-military protests, and the Sudanese Professional Association (SPA), which led anti-former President Omar al-Bashir protests, organized Monday’s marches.

During the event, demonstrators in Northern State called on their fellow protesters to intensify their road blockade between Sudan and Egypt.

Protesters accuse Egyptian officials of supporting Sudan’s military coup, and the two nations’ border road has been closed since last month.

“The protests started over an increase in power rate, but they quickly expanded to include politics and the Egyptian government’s backing for Sudan’s military takeover,” said protester Eman Hassabo.

Since the fall of al-Bashir in 2019, Sudan’s military has shared authority with civilian parties, but the situation worsened when the military removed Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok’s transitional government on October 25.

Since then, civilian groups have staged virtually daily rallies against the military, with calls for civilian control.

The SPA refused to meet with Volker Perthes, the UN Special Representative for Sudan, for negotiations on settling the Sudanese issue on Friday, accusing the UN mission of side with the military.

In recent weeks, the United Nations has held discussions with key players in Sudan in order to press for a negotiated solution.

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