Sudan blasts away Ethiopian statement over the border crisis

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry criticized the latest statement issued by the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry which blames Sudan of acting for the third parties’ interests.

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The statement issued on Saturday by the Foreign Ministry stated that, by this statement, Ethiopia betrayed the historical relations between Sudan and Ethiopia and their people. Previously, the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry had issued a statement that considers Sudan’s military actions as an act to serve the interests of third parties, which is being taken at the expense of the Sudanese people. Based on this statement, it is claimed that the Sudanese National Army clearly violated the fundamental principles of international law. Sudan sabotages the efforts of the joint boundary committees that have been trying hard to solve the demarcation issue between the two countries, the Ethiopian statement added. Also, the Ethiopian accusations include the Sudan army is forcing people to leave their places, plundering properties, and attacking camps.

The Sudanese statement came after these Ethiopian accusations and considered them as baseless unfortunate and pejorative. It is stated that Sudan is ready to continue and develop the relations with Ethiopia in terms of promoting security, stability and economic growth. Aside from this, it is advised for Ethiopia to prefer legal regional and international actions to take rather than posing a threat to international security.

For a while, there has been an escalating tension between these two countries over a border dispute. It is seen that this tension turned into armed conflict from time to time. Recently, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry called back its ambassador to Ethiopia to discuss the latest developments.

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