Somalia blames UAE for supporting disorder

Like Yemen and Libya, the UAE wishes to see chaos, violence, and displacement in Somalia, the Somalian minister said.

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On Sunday, Somalia’s Information Minister Osman Dubbe gave a speech at a press conference in the capital Mogadishu, stating that the UAE statement is controversial to international diplomatic norms, fraternal relations between the two countries, and Arab customs. The UAE is acting against international law by underestimating the Somalian government as “interim” and pursuing breeding bad blood in the country, he added. He also claimed that the UAE wants to see Somalia divided like Yemen and Libya and pursues policies that would create displacement, violence, underdevelopment in Somalia.

This came after the UAE statement released on Saturday, commenting over recent clashes between the Somalian government forces and opposition groups. In the statement, the UAE blamed Somalia for implementing excessive force against civilians and labeled the government as “interim”.

Apart from this, the Somalian Foreign Ministry issued a statement blaming oppositional presidential candidates under the guidance of former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed for acting to undermine the process under the mask of peaceful protest.

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