Russian FM holds talks with Lebanon’s Hezbollah

The situation in Lebanon, including the formation of a new government, and developments in the region, were discussed in the meeting, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported.

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A delegation from the Hezbollah bloc in the Lebanese parliament led by Mohammad Raad, the head of the party, paid a visit to Moscow on Monday. Among the delegation, there were members who are being sanctioned by the US for being a member of a terror group. The visit came after Lavrov’s four-day-long Gulf tour that he met with former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, as well.

The Lebanese MP Raad and Russian Foreign Minister had a meeting. In a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry after the meeting, it was stated that the two discussed the situation in Lebanon, and in the region. In the meeting, Russian FM reiterated his country’s continuing support for the sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity of Lebanon. Lavrov also emphasized that comprehensive dialogue, which would involve all parts of the society, without any foreign interference to resolve the issues on the national agenda is essential. To overcome the ongoing crisis which Lebanon is going through, the forming of a new government which would be led by Saad Hariri is crucial, the minister added. In terms of the Syrian crisis, Lavrov highlighted the importance of the repatriation of Syrian refugees, including those in Lebanon, for sustainable stabilization in the region.

Speaking after the meeting, Mohammed Raad, on the other hand, stated that the meeting happened in a friendly atmosphere. Raad also said that he told Russian FM about Hezbollah’s willingness to boost the process of government’s formation in a way that would reflect the Lebanese people’s will.

Apart from Sergey Lavrov, the delegation came together with the Deputy of Foreign Minister responsible for the Middle East and North Africa, Mikhail Bogdanov, as well. The Lebanese delegation’s visit is expected to last three days.

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