Russia interested in strengthening cooperation with Sudan

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that the text of the signed agreement on the establishment of a Russian naval base on the territory of Sudan may change and Moscow is interested in strengthening cooperation with Khartoum.

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Russian officials have expressed their intent in strengthening the partnership between Moscow and Khartoum within the framework of the bilateral agreement between the two states in hosting a naval base on the territory of the latter, during a press conference on Thursday.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova said at the press conference: “This agreement was signed in Khartoum on July 23, 2019 by an official in charge of the Transitional Military Council in Sudan, that is, after the political system changed. However, the document has not yet been ratified by Sudan. Because there is currently no legislature in the country with such powers. Therefore, prior to the deal entering into force, changes can be introduced to the text by agreement and at the discretion of the parties”.

In addition, Zakharova expressed Russian interest in strengthening partnership with Sudan in various fields, including military and military-technical cooperation with Russia and aimed to contribute to the agreement on establishing a material-technical supply center for the Russian Navy.

In November 2020, after Russian President Vladimir Putin ratified the agreement in 2017, Sudan planned a naval base on the Red Sea coast where 300 military personnel and 4 ships could dock. The agreement regarding the center is expected to be valid for 25 years in Sudan, with the possibility of extension after the expiry of this period.

On June 1, Sudanese Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Mohammed Osman Al-Hussein announced that the agreement signed between Russia and Sudan on the establishment of a Russian base in the Red Sea was being reviewed.

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