Russia continues to deploy mercenaries in Libya

Over 300 mercenaries were sent to Libya after an intensive training program in a Russian base in Syria.

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It is reported that Russia has sent 310 mercenaries to Libya to support Khalifa Haftar. Ranging from ages 20 to 45, mercenaries were employed for train-equip programs in Latakia base in Syria. It is alleged that a $1,000 to $1,500 monthly payment was offered to these fighters.

After they completed an intensive training program, they took off from the camp and headed to Libya by a military cargo plane on Thursday, local sources said.

Last year, the conflicting parties in Libya signed a ceasefire agreement that requests the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Libya within three months. The deadline has expired on January 23. Before the deadline, Russia had sent 300 more mercenaries to Libya to support Khalifa Haftar on January 22.

Recently, the US has demanded immediate retreat of foreign troops from Libya. It should be noted that the move came after the US call.

It has been speculated that the number of foreign fighters sent by Russia to Libya has reached approximately 6,000.

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