Rockets land inside Baghdad’s Green Zone in the fourth attack in two days

The latest attack comes as armed militia groups vowed to continue targeting American forces and personnel in the region to "avenge American attacks in Iraq and Syria."

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Three Katyusha rockets landed in the vicinity of the US Embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone, Iraq’s Security Media Cell confirmed.

“An outlaw group targeted the Green Zone with three Katyusha rockets,” the media cell’s tweet read. One of the rockets landed near the National Security Agency’s headquarters. Another rocket landed in a residential area, causing material damage.

The area, also known as the International Zone, is home to government buildings and foreign diplomatic missions.

“Each attack against the Government of Iraq, Kurdistan Regional Government, and the Coalition undermines the authority of Iraqi institutions, the rule of law and Iraqi National sovereignty. These attacks endanger the lives of Iraqi civilians, & the partner forces from the Iraqi Security Forces, Peshmerga & Coalition,” the official military spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, Colonel Wayne Marotto announced.

The incident is the latest in a string of attacks that target the US presence in Iraq. Since June 6, 11 attacks have been reported targeting military bases that house US forces, diplomatic missions, and Iraq’s airports.

No injuries were reported in Thursday’s attack.

While no group claimed responsibility for the attack, Iran-aligned militias have recently increased the frequency of their attacks against the US presence in Iraq.

Qais, Al-Khazali, the Secretary-General of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, an armed militia group known for orchestrating such attacks, denied responsibility for the latest attack in a tweet.

“…the Resistance Coordination Commission has not yet entered the US Embassy. If it entered, it would not use Katyusha rockets, which are known not to hit specific targets near residential areas,” the tweet read.

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