Rocket attacks against vital facilities thwarted in Iraq

The Baghdad Operations Command reported that assaults on Baghdad's northern suburbs by rockets were repulsed by Iraqi forces.

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Assaults on Baghdad’s northern suburbs by rockets were repulsed by the Iraqi forces.

As the Baghdad Operations Command reported on Wednesday, its officers “arrested three individuals after monitoring their activities on the Karkh and Rusafa regions in Baghdad.” the Iraqi military

Two Katyusha rockets and detonators were confiscated “based on information about the enemy’s aim to target key installations in the Tarmiyah neighborhood, north of Baghdad,” the command stated.

Weapons and detainees were given to the proper authorities, it stated.

Amidst the federal government’s efforts to restrict Daesh/ISIS by undertaking security and military operations in the northern, western and eastern regions of Iraq, Daesh/ISIS has been operating in Salahuddin, Anbar, Kirkuk, and Diyala.

Approximately a third of Iraqi territory had been liberated from Daesh/ISIS control by the time Iraq declared victory over the terrorist group in 2017.

A huge number of sleeper cells are still operating in Iraq, and they periodically carry out assaults.

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