Qatar’s Al Jazeera targeted by series of cyber attack

The Qatar-funded channel’s broadcasts were considered as one of the main factors that led four Arab countries to boycott Qatar in 2017.

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The Qatar-funded international satellite network, Al Jazeera, issued a statement indicating that it was targeted by a series of cyber attacks in recent days. However, the network has managed to stand the attacks off, the statement added.

The statement noted that attacks had been maintained from last Saturday to Tuesday, with the purpose of “accessing, disrupting, and controlled some of the platforms belonging to the Al Jazeera network.

According to the statement, the intensification of the attacks reached its peak point on Sunday, prior to the airing of a documentary treating indirect negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas, which also gives place to an audio recording that allegedly belongs to an Israeli prisoner held in Gaza.

It added, “Al Jazeera’s service provider was able to monitor and fend off all the hacking attacks and prevent them from achieving their goal.”

No further information, particularly regarding who is behind of these attacks, has been provided.

The channel’s broadcasts of Middle East politics are considered as provocative by many in the region. These were also accepted as one of the main factors that pushed four Arab states to boycott Qatar in 2017. Given the demand list issued by boycotting countries, it is seen that the closure of Al Jazeera was among them.

In that period, such cyber attacks had targeted Al Jazeera following Qatar’s state news agency QNA was hacked.

In January, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, and Egypt agreed with Qatar to end the years-long dispute.

Additionally, the building where Al Jazeera’s office is located in Gaza was hit by Israeli airstrikes, leading to many casualties.

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