Qatari, Russian foreign ministers conduct talks on Afghanistan

In a joint press conference, the Qatari foreign minister and his Russian counterpart stressed the importance of Afghanistan’s stability and security among other matters.

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Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) stated on Saturday that top Qatari and Russian officials called on the international community to find a solution to the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, encouraging world leaders to separate humanitarian help “from any political development.”

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov spoke at a joint press conference in Moscow, emphasizing the importance of establishing a humanitarian aid corridor to support freedom of movement into the Asian state.

The two leaders also emphasized the need of Taliban coordination in allowing people who want to leave Afghanistan to do so safely and securely.

“The foreign ministers stressed the importance of Afghanistan’s stability and security, and the need to take the concerns of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries into consideration, expressing his hope that the world would see the Taliban’s promises come true,” read a statement by the Qatari Foreign Ministry.

Meanwhile, Lavrov stated that Qatari and Russian teams are working to bring “calm and stability” to Afghanistan, adding that the two foreign ministers are committed to boosting the speed of these initiatives while putting the humanitarian situation first.

The statement also added that the two sides “discussed fears of the continued flow of refugees and its repercussions on the neighboring countries.”

The Russian Foreign Minister also praised Qatar’s contribution to the Afghan peace process, praising Doha’s efforts to ensure the Taliban’s commitment to forming a “government that represents all Afghan society.”

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