Qatar willing to mediate talks for the establishment of government in Lebanon

This appeared after the Qatari Foreign Minister’s visit to Lebanon to discuss the latest developments in the country as well as in the region.

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Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani paid a one-day visit to Lebanon on Tuesday and met Lebanese top officials, including President Michel Aoun. In his meeting, Minister Al-Thani stated that his country is ready to mediate between Lebanese politicians to pave the way for the establishment of a new government. In his statement, Al-Thani indicated that, as a partner with amicable relations with all related parties in the establishment of a new government in Lebanon, Qatar would like to support the progress that would lead to the emergence of a new government. His country does not intend to undermine the French efforts in this regard, he added.

In Lebanon, France has started an initiative to establish a new government after Hassan Diab’s resignation. However, meaningful progress has not been made since the dissolution of Diab’s government.

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