Qatar to provide financial aid to Hamas-controlled Gaza

It is announced that the Qatari government pledges $360 million in assistance for Hamas-ruled Gaza during the coming year.

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The announcement, which came on Sunday, covers that it will be provided for the Gaza strip during the coming year. It is a part of the Qatari aid program for the region that has been maintained since 2018.

Since 2018, as a gas-rich Gulf country, Qatar has been providing 20 million dollars to Gaza each month. This amount has been used for urgent needs such as electricity. Hamas also has provided monthly 100 dollars allowances to impoverished families. Furthermore, Qatar funded some infrastructure projects such as new roads and hospitals.

There has been a long-standing conflict between Israel and Hamas since 2007. Because of the lasting fight between the sides, combined with an Israeli embargo, Gaza’s economy has been significantly damaged. In this context, Qatari aid is of vital importance for the local economy and people in the region.

Previously, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority declared that new elections are trying to be held in the Palestinian territory. It is expected that the poll will contribute to reaching a rapprochement. It is seen that the Qatari pledge came after that announcement.

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