Qatar Charity reviews progress in implementing model villages in Sudan’s Darfur region

The Qatar Charity team visited to oversee the progress of their project within the scope of the Darfur reconstruction project and to consult with the authorities.

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Qatar Charity, a Qatar-based charity, reviewed the progress of work on the establishment and implementation of model villages in the Schearia and Abu Karinka districts as part of the second phase of the Darfur Reconstruction and Development Project. In this context, East Darfur Governor Mohammed Issa Aliw emphasized the importance of continued coordination with Qatar Charity, stakeholders and the local community to implement Darfur’s reconstruction projects.

After his visit to the region, Aliw received a high-level technical and administrative delegation from Qatar Charity, emphasizing that all possible support will be provided and any difficulties that may arise in front of the work will be overcome. In addition, the Governor praised Qatar’s efforts aimed at promoting development and stability.

Engineer Jamal Qassem, an engineering projects specialist at Qatar Charity, stated that “the construction and implementation works in the regions covered by the project have reached 65%”. In addition, Qassem announced that the contractor is committed to completing the projects by December. Qassem stressed that the cost of the two projects is estimated at “more than $6 million” and Qatar Charity will finance the management and operation of these projects over the next three years.

Qatar Charity’s Sudan Office Manager, Engineer Hassan Odeh, stated that 8 model villages will be built in various states of Darfur within the scope of Qatar Charity’s project; he stated that “there are four schools, kindergartens, health centers, mosques, police stations, residences and public buildings in each village”. In addition, Odeh emphasized that Qatar Charity’s technical and administrative teams are closely following the villages to open up and start serving the Sudanese community in the coming months.

After a civil war broke out in Darfur in 2003, Qatar assumed the role of mediator between the Sudanese parties and made significant progress on the sustainability of peace. In this context, Qatar not only involves itself in commercial investment projects in various fields in Darfur, but also carries out humanitarian diplomacy projects to ensure the sustainable development of the region through Qatar Charity.

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