Qatar and UAE convey for the first time since the Gulf dispute ended

Kuwait hosted the delegations from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates on Monday.

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The UAE state news agency (WAM) reported that UAE and Qatar delegations came together for the first time in Kuwait on Monday since the agreement that was reached to end the more than three years-long dispute between Qatar and its Gulf neighbors. According to the statement released by WAM, during the meeting, the ways to establish joint mechanisms and procedures for implementing the articles of the Al-Ula agreement were discussed. The significance of protecting the Gulf affinity, developing concerted Gulf action in line with the interest of GCC countries and their citizens, and promoting stability and prosperity in the region were highlighted, the WAM added.

After the meeting, the two countries expressed their gratitude to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for their roles in resolving the dispute. Since the agreement, bilateral talks between Qatar and the four states have continued to solve bilateral issues. In this sense, the Bahrain Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that last month it had sent Qatar an invitation that demands sending a delegation to Bahrain to launch bilateral talks to implement the al-Ula agreement. Bahrain’s foreign minister stated that Qatar has not yet responded to the invitation.

In 2017, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt severed their relations with Qatar on the pretext of Qatar financing terrorism, and implemented air, land, and sea blockades. In January 2021, these countries reached an agreement at the 41st Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Saudi Arabia’s al-Ula to restore diplomatic ties with Qatar and lift the blockade.

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