Qatar and Egypt agree to reopen embassies

The decision came after a meeting in Kuwait between the two states’ delegations to talk about implementing the provisions of the Al-Ula agreement.

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The delegations from the two countries held talks in Kuwait to determine the pathway regarding the normalization process which officially started with the Al-Ula agreement, which was signed at the 41st summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) on January 5. After the meeting, a source from the Egyptian diplomatic service stated that both parties reached an agreement to reinitialize the work of their diplomatic missions after the exchange of ambassadors between the countries.

It is expected that Qatar’s permanent representative to the Arab League, Ibrahim Abdul Aziz Al-Sahlawi, will be Qatar’s ambassador to Egypt, the source stated.

Also, it is stated that Egypt notified Qatar of its conditions for establishing ties with Qatar, strictly highlighting that Qatar must not interfere in the internal affairs of Cairo.

After the meeting, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement which expressed that “the two sides welcomed the measures taken by both countries after signing the Al-Ula agreement as a step toward building confidence between the two brotherly countries.” During the meeting, the ways to promoting joint work and bilateral relations in various fields, including security, stability, and economic development was also negotiated.

On January 20, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Qatar and Egypt agreed to resume diplomatic relations.

Following the meeting, Egypt and Qatar conveyed their appreciation to Kuwait for hosting the talks between the two countries.

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