Protests in Tunisia against police repression to demonstrators

Dozens of people gathered at the call of non-governmental organizations in Tunisia to protest "the police repression against the demonstrators".

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Dozens of people attended the demonstration held in the capital Tunis, upon the call of the Tunisian Journalists’ Union, the National Human Rights Defense Organization, the Tunisian Students General Union, the Association of Democratic Women, and other non-governmental organizations.

The protesters, who started the protest from Habib Bourguiba Street in the capital Tunis, marched to the barricade set up by the security forces next to the Ministry of Interior.

The demonstrators, who chanted slogans such as “Freedoms, freedoms, Police state is a thing of the past”, “Never hit me” and “Neither fear nor anxiety, the street belongs to the people” during the protest, condemned the police intervention in the demonstrations against the poor living conditions in the Sidi Hussein region since last week.

The Tunisian Journalists’ Union President Mohamed Yassine Jelassi said during the demonstration that the pressure on Tunisians had increased and that 2 people died horribly.

Stating the fact that the policemen who committed crimes were not questioned and prosecuted made the incident worse, Jelassi said that now the country is trying to be taken back to a period of oppression and bullying.

In Tunisia, a young man was detained by security forces on June 8 and later found injured and taken to hospital. The funeral of the young man who died in the hospital was buried on June 9.

Likewise, on June 9, the images on social media platforms, in the protests in the region at the time of the young man’s death, in which a young man was beaten by the police while naked, caused tension. The incidents escalated in the Sidi Hussein District, where the young man died, and demonstrators blocked the roads by burning tires at night, and the security forces intervened with tear gas.

While the family of the young man blamed the security forces for his death, the Ministry of Interior has not yet made a statement about the cause of the young man’s death. However, the ministry announced that a young man was taken into custody after taking off his clothes during the demonstrations in Sidi Hussein District, after the coup.

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