Protests against police brutality in Tunisia defy lockdown

Demonstrators in Tunisia rally in the capital and defy lockdown on the 8th anniversary of the killing of a prominent activist.

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In Tunis, hundreds of protestors took to the streets in a rally against police brutality, which led to the death of a prominent activist in 2013. Protestors, which were backed by the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), gathered in the city centre in defiance against police blockades and lockdown measures imposed.

The protest, which took place on 6 February, was the largest in the past month. Initially, series of protests began in the country against inequality, which then spread to the anniversary of the killed activist. The latest drew bigger numbers when the UGTT declared its support to the protests based on the idea to defend the revolution and to protect freedom, in reference to the revolution which succeeded in 2011.

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