Protesters set Israeli flag on fire in Kuwait

Gathering on the main square in Kuwait City, Kuwaiti people protested Israeli attacks against Palestinians.

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It was reported that hundreds of Kuwaiti people gathered in order to express their solidarity with Palestinians amid Israeli violence targeting the latter intensifying during the week. Despite the COVID-19 restrictions in the country, Kuwaiti authorities allowed the demonstrations. Also, a limited number of protestors were allowed to access the main square in Kuwait City.

Rallying in the square, protestors expressed their reactions against the Israeli attacks by chanting “Death to Israel.” Normalization agreements that the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed with Israel were also protested. During demonstrations, it was seen that Israeli flags were set on fire by protestors.

Participating in demonstrations, a Kuwaiti political activist, 43-year-old Osama Al Zaid, stated that “We send a message to our friends in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries that any normalization with the Zionists, referring to Israel, will not help. It helps the killer against the Palestinian people.”

Another Kuwaiti protestor Zahraa Habeeb said that “Palestine and Al-Aqsa are in our hearts. We absolutely refuse normalization.”

Among hundreds of demonstrators, there were some others, including expatriates, who called for rocket attacks on Tel Aviv.

On the other hand, Kuwait launched a relief campaign for Palestinians who are severely affected by the Israeli attacks.

According to the latest reports, 227 people, including 64 children, lost their lives while 1530 people were injured so far in the 10-day Israeli bombardment against Gaza.

Alongside Kuwait, Qatar is another Gulf state which has allowed the holding of pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

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