Pro-Houthi organization affirmed the movement’s responsible for migrant mortalities in the Yemeni capital

A human rights organization, linked to the Houthi group in Yemen, issued a report confirming the group’s responsibility in migrant deaths in Yemen.

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Mwatana Organization for Human Rights, affiliated with the Iranian-backed Houthi group, issued a statement pointing out the Houthi group is responsible for African migrant deaths and injuries that happened in a detention center located in Sana’a last Sunday. On March 7, a fatal fire broke out, causing many deaths and injuries in a detention center housing hundreds of African migrants detained while trying to cross the border towards the oil-rich Gulf countries. The human rights organization stated that the Houthi group is responsible for this incident.

According to the report based on eyewitnesses, on March 7, the Houthi group forcefully intervened in a hunger strike launched by migrants who protested ill-treatment in the Immigration, Passports, and National Authority Holding Facility located in the Houthi-controlled area. A group of armed men locked protesters in the ward and threw projectiles inside, causing a fire.

Another incident happened on Tuesday. Speaking to the BBC, the head of the Ethiopian Oromia Media Network stated that more than five hundred people lost their lives as a result of bomb attacks launched by the Houthi group. Many migrants gathered in front of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Sana’a to protest the incident.

The Houthi group has not commented on the issue yet. On the other hand, the internationally recognized government has called for a transparent international investigation about the incident.

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