Prime Minister of Libya’s Government of National Unity pays official visit to Algeria

The head of the Libyan Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, who took office on March 16, made his first official visit to Algeria since taking office.

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The official Algerian radio reported that Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad greeted the Prime Minister of Libya’s Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, at the Houari Boumediene International Airport, accompanied by the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sabri Boukadoum, and the Minister of Trade, Kamel Rezig.

According to the same source, the visit will last two days with a large ministerial delegation.

Last April, the Algerian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the security and stability of the country’s eastern neighbor, Libya, remained its sole objective, following the visit of Sabri Boukadoum and a high-level delegation including the Minister of the Interior, Kamel Beldjoud, to the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

Dbeibeh’s visit coincides with the launch of the Algerian-Libyan Economic Forum, which will last three days.

Boukadoum announced on Saturday at the start of the forum that arrangements are being made for the reopening of the “Debdeb-Ghadames” border post with Libya and a maritime cargo line between the two countries.

During the forum, the Libyan Minister of Economy and Trade, Mohamed al-Hawij, called for “the establishment of a free trade area between the two countries”.

Algeria, which has always been in favor of the territorial integrity of Libya, could not pursue an active policy in the Libyan crisis until President Tebboune was elected, due to the turmoil in domestic politics.

Seeing the instability in Libya as a matter of national security, Algeria supports the legitimate government and wants the crisis to end as soon as possible through elections.

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