President Biden appoints a new Deputy Assistant Secretary for Palestinian-Israeli affairs

A former diplomat under the Obama administration has been chosen by the newly elected President as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Palestinian-Israeli affairs.

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Hadry Amr, who served as the deputy special envoy for the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations for economics and Gaza in the Obama administration, became President Biden’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Israeli-Palestinian affairs. The official announcement has been recently made by the US State Department.

Previously, it has been stated that the US will try to repair its ties with the Palestinian leadership, which were damaged during the Trump administration. In this sense, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s diplomatic mission in Washington was re-established. This move was welcomed by Palestinians. Besides, some Palestinian originated people were appointed to some high offices.

It is expected that Hadry Amr, with his experience and close relations with the Palestinian leadership, will contribute to regaining Palestinian confidence in Washington, which was lost during the Trump era.

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