Palestinians mourn boy, 7, who died from ‘fear’ of Israeli forces

The funeral of Rayan Suleiman, who died after being chased by Israeli troops, took place in the occupied West Bank.

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A group of men carrying the body of a young Palestinian kid believed to have died from the terror of Israeli soldiers in armed combat marched through a West Bank community on Friday in search of the boy’s last resting place.

Rayan Suleiman, who has sparked eyes and a rucksack with an animated racing car, was reportedly pursued by Israeli forces on Thursday as he and his siblings were heading home from school.

The army pounded on the door frantically and threatened to arrest the lads when they fled from the house. The youngest of the three brothers, Rayan, passed away shortly afterward.

Mohammed Suleiman, Rayan’s cousin, told Al Jazeera that Rayan was pursued by the troops shouting at him as soon as he arrived home. He said the troops had yelled at him, accusing him of throwing stones. He fled from one side of the house, and the soldier caught up with him from the opposite side. When Rayan saw the military in front of him, he was startled and collapsed in terror, the man claimed.

Israeli troops were “moving in all directions hunting for any youngster they could locate,” according to Hadeel Salman, a neighbor, and eyewitness.

Salman told a news channel that “the military even summoned my small brother and told him he needed to be imprisoned because he hurled stones at them.” He stated that he was unrelated to the incident.


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