Palestinians hold solidarity protests for Israeli prison escapees

Protests have been held by Palestinians in occupied territories in solidarity with the six escaped prisoners from an Israeli prison earlier in the week, as well those still in Israeli prisons.

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Palestinians around the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem assembled for a day of protests in backing of the six Palestinian prisoners, who escaped from an Israeli prison, observing the call of Hamas and other Palestinian groups.

The protestors have also protested measures that Israeli jail authorities have imposed on imprisoned members in the wake of a brazen escape from one of the country’s most protected prisons.

More than 100 Palestinian protesters moved towards the valley below the illegal Israeli settlement of Evyatar which is constructed on agricultural land expropriated from the villagers. On the hill above, groups of Israeli soldiers monitored the protestors.

Periodically, drones flew over those protesting, dropping tear gas on them, while others buzzed close above taking pictures.

Israeli forces were on their second-highest level of alert during the protests on Friday, prepared for protests in the occupied Palestinian territories and possible riots within Israeli jails.

Several relatives of the fled prisoners have been detained since the breakout, as part of an Israeli manhunt to capture the six escapees. The six men tunneled out of the high-security Gilboa jail on Monday, triggering celebration and solidarity protests in Palestine.

Later on Friday, the Palestinian Red Crescent reported more than 30 injuries in Beita and Beit Dajan near Nablus. An ambulance was also hit by Israeli soldiers.

Four of the six Palestinians that escaped have been caught.

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