Palestinian group rejects to participate in the upcoming elections

The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine has announced that it will not participate in elections which will be held in accordance with the Oslo Agreement.

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On 9 February, the group made a statement which states, since the polls will be conducted under the Oslo Agreement, which the group considers does not look out for the rights of Palestinian people, they will not participate in the elections. The statement came after a meeting held with the participation of the main Palestinian factions on Monday, in Cairo.

In the National Dialogue meetings in Cairo, the Palestinian groups have reached an agreement to establish an election court comprised of Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza. Based on the common statement released by Palestinian National Dialogue, the court will be in charge to carry on business related to the elections. It is announced that the court will be founded by a decree which will be issued by President Mahmoud Abbas. On the other hand, the Palestinian police forces will be responsible for providing security during the electoral process, the statement added.

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