New UN adviser to Libya expresses to work for stability and peace in Libya

Special Adviser for Libya to the UN Secretary-General Stephanie Williams made statements through her Twitter account on the assumption of her new post.

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The newly appointed Special Adviser for Libya to the UN Secretary-General, Stephanie Williams, expressed her delight to be reinstated.

Stating that she is hopeful for the Libyan people to reach a bright future and to ensure peace and stability in the country, Williams stated that she will do her best to contribute to the reconciliation process.

Williams, in addition to this, thanked UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for his confidence in her.

Before her current assignment, the US diplomat Williams served as the UN’s Special Envoy to Libya, and during her tenure, the figures of Libya’s interim administration within the scope of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LSDF) were elected.

Slovak diplomat, Jan Kubis, the previous UN special envoy for Libya, resigned from his post on November 23. Libya is preparing for elections on December 24.

After the controversial election law and the candidacy crisis, postponing the elections to February 2022 is on the agenda.

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