New Presidential Council in Yemen inaugurated before parliament

Yemen’s newly formed presidential council was inaugurated before the country's parliament in the southern city of Aden.   

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On Tuesday, Yemen’s newly formed presidential council was inaugurated before parliament in the southern Aden city.

An anonymous government source told that the chairman of the Presidential Council, Rashad al-Alimi, and seven other members took the oath before the House of Representatives in the temporary capital, Aden.

The source added, “The House of Representatives held its session in the presence of UN envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg, as well as ambassadors of the European Union countries.”

The source said that strict security measures were enforced in the vicinity of the parliament headquarters during the ceremony.

Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi issued an order on April 7 to form the presidential council to lead the country through a transitional period.

Since 2014, when Iran-aligned Houthi rebels captured much of the country, including the capital Sanaa, Yemen has been engulfed by violence and instability.

The situation worsened when a Saudi-led coalition sought to reinstate the Yemeni government, causing one of the world’s worst man-made humanitarian crises.

According to UN estimates, nearly 80 percent, or about 30 million people, are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection, and more than 13 million in danger of starvation.

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