New governor of Iranian province slapped during inauguration ceremony

During his inauguration ceremony, the new governor of the East Azerbaijan province of Iran, Zeinalabidin Hurrem, was slapped by a soldier who came on stage.

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On Saturday, Zeinalabidin Hurrem, a former Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander who was recently appointed as the governor of East Azerbaijan province of Iran, was attacked during his inauguration.

The soldier came on stage and slapped Hurrem while he was addressing the ceremony held in Tabriz, the provincial capital.

“The soldier attacked me because his wife was vaccinated by a male health worker,” the governor later told state television. In the same statement, Hurrem said he did not know the soldier, though he forgave him and will not file a complaint.

Meanwhile, prosecutors in Tabriz launched an investigation against the soldier, who is part of the Revolutionary Guards.

Later, the IRGC supported Hurrem in a statement, saying legal action would be taken against the military officer.

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