New German Ambassador to Libya expresses continuation of exchange of ideas

The new German ambassador to Libya expressed that they want to develop cooperation opportunities with Libya.

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The newly appointed German Ambassador to Libya, Michael Ohnmacht, made statements in a video posted by the German Embassy on Twitter. Ohnmacht stated that during his tenure, he would continue the exchange of ideas, which he found important for both countries.

Michael Ohnmact previously headed the Middle East and North Africa Department within the German Foreign Ministry. Ohnmacht took over from former Ambassador to Libya, Oliver Owcza.

Germany hosted the Berlin conferences held in January 2020 and lastly on June 23, 2021. During the meetings, many issues such as the determination of the constitutional infrastructure before the election and the budget discussions were discussed.

The Libyan general elections are scheduled to take place on December 24, 2021.

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