New Algerian FM calls for strengthening the role of Algeria for the achievement of peace

Ramtane Lamamra called on Thursday to strengthen Algeria's role as a pioneer state contributing effectively to the achievement of peace and to the unification of the ranks in the current regional and international conjuncture.

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During an orientation meeting held at the headquarters of the foreign ministry with the executives of his ministerial department, Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra presented the main lines of the Government’s action plan, which is essentially based on the realization of the commitment of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, for the strengthening of the role of Algeria as a pioneer state contributing to the achievement of peace and the unification of the ranks in the light of the current regional and international situation.

The minister recalled, in his speech, “the rich course of Algerian diplomacy which has contributed to the liberation struggle and to the building of the country through successive generations of diplomats who have accomplished glorious achievements for the generations of today concerning, in particular, the role of Algeria and its support for peoples struggling for liberation from colonialism and economic dependence.”

He also called for “inspiration from this precious historical capital in order to consolidate the role of Algerian diplomacy, whether it is a question of mediation for the settlement of conflicts by peaceful means or of facing hostile plans aimed at the country, and to show the same spirit of commitment which characterized the first generation of diplomats to preserve the supreme interests of our nation and to adapt to the requirements of the conjuncture.”

The head of Algerian diplomacy also underlined the “importance” accorded by President Tebboune to taking charge of the concerns and aspirations of the national community established abroad, in particular, after the recent change made to the name of the ministry and which confirms this strategic orientation, insisting on “the importance of creating bridges with the members of the community in order to allow the latter to contribute to the national construction as in the past.”

Appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the new cabinet, Ramtane Lamamra served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs during the Bouteflika period in 2013-2017. While Bouteflika had to resign in 2019 due to popular movements and the intervention of the army, Lamamra, who was shown as his successor, remained in the background during this period.

Having worked at many levels in the African Union and the United Nations (UN), Lamamra is a board member of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and the International Crisis Group.


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