Netherlands demands to relocate its Kabul embassy to Doha

The Netherlands had requested Qatar host its Kabul embassy in Doha, due to the recent instability in the country following the Taliban's takeover.

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On Wednesday, Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag told in a press conference in Qatar that the Netherlands had requested Qatar to host the Dutch embassy in Kabul from Doha.

“I have asked his Excellency to very kindly agree to the relocation of the Dutch embassy from Kabul to Doha,” Kaag stated in the press conference following a meeting with her Qatari counterpart, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani.

During the press conference, Kaag and Sheikh Mohammed emphasized the importance of continuing to engage with the Taliban in order to secure a safe transfer of power and the establishment of a “inclusive” Afghan government.

The two foreign ministers also talked on how important it is to defend Afghan women’s rights.

Concerning the evacuation of Afghans and foreigners, Sheikh Mohammed and Kaag stated that the restoration of operations at Kabul airport remains a top priority in order to allow civilians to leave safely.

“Qatar continuously works to ease the communication and departure of foreign nationals and Afghans from Afghanistan, whether they are subject to threats or want to leave the country,” Sheikh Mohammed expressed.

Since the Taliban captured Kabul, the Dutch government has evacuated 2,500 citizens from Afghanistan, 1,600 of whom have already been restored to the Netherlands.

In response to the urgent need for aid, the two ministers emphasized the need of continuing to deliver humanitarian aid to Afghans in order to address the country’s deteriorating situation on the ground.

Kaag also praised Qatar’s “role behind the scenes and on the world stage” in Afghanistan, from its recent mass evacuation operations to its facilitation of the Afghan peace process over the previous years.

The Dutch foreign minister traveled to Qatar in the light of a three-part visit. The minister flew to Pakistan later on Wednesday and she will travel to Turkey the following day. In addition, after her tour, she will also attend a crisis meeting about the situation in Afghanistan with EU ministers in Slovenia.

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