Nadia Okasha, Director of Tunisian President Saied’s office, resigns

Nadia Okasha, the director of Tunisian President Kais Saied's office, announced that she stepped down from her position because of "fundamental differences in perspectives linked to the country's higher interests".

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The director of Tunisian President Kais Saied’s office resigned on Monday. Citing “fundamental differences,” Nadia Okasha said on social media account that she had tendered her resignation.

“In the presence of fundamental differences of opinion related to this higher interest, I consider it my duty to withdraw from my post as head of the presidential cabinet,” explained Nadia Okasha, without giving further details.

“Today, I have decided to present to the President of the Republic my resignation from the post of Chief of the presidential cabinet, after two years of work,” Okasha notified.

She gave no further details about the reasons for her stepping down.

There was no comment from Tunisian authorities on the news.

A lawyer by training, Nadia Okasha has held the position of Minister-Counsellor as a director of President Kais Saied’s office, since 2020.

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