Morocco announces resumption of diplomatic relations with Germany

Morocco has announced that diplomatic relations with Germany could be resumed after recently expressed positive statements and constructive stances by the new German government.

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In a written statement made by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is said that he would welcome the continuation of bilateral cooperation and normal diplomatic representation with Germany, following the positive statements and constructive attitudes recently expressed by the new German government.

Morocco, which recalled its ambassador in Berlin in May 2021 on the grounds of its stance on the Western Sahara issue and its removal from the Libyan negotiations, gave the green light to re-establishing relations with Germany.

In a written statement made by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the subject, it was stated that “it is hoped that the relations between the two countries, reflecting a new spirit, based on clear and mutual respect, will be combined with mutual steps and actions.”

The German Embassy in Rabat also posted on its social media account on December 8 that “it is in the common interest of Germany and Morocco to restore good diplomatic relations.”

A later statement by the German Foreign Ministry had said “Morocco is the most important partner of the European Union (EU) and Germany in North Africa.”

The Kingdom of Morocco announced in March that it cut off relations with the German Embassy, without stating any reason for doing so.

Rabat later recalled the country’s Ambassador to Berlin for consultation on May 6 due to its “negative” attitude on Western Sahara and not inviting Morocco to the meeting on Libya.

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