Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh to attend conference in Italy

The main agenda of the conference is stated to be the role that Italian companies can play in Libya and the potential needs of the country in this regard.

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An economic conference will be held in Rome on Monday with the participation of Libyan officials and Italian companies, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Saturday.

The Ministry reported that Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh will be in Italy on the same date as part of bilateral meetings between the two countries and will make a speech at the conference.

As the main agenda of the conference, the role that Italian companies can play in Libya, which is in the process of restructuring itself, and the potential needs of the country will be discussed.It was also stated that Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio will also take the floor at the conference.

Di Maio visited the Libyan capital with his Maltese counterpart during the week and held talks with Government of National Unity (GNU) officials. Di Maio, who prioritized the issue of legal and illegal immigration during the talks, stated that “the new Libya can cooperate with the European Union (EU) in various sectors”. Di Maio stated that his country would support Libya at the point of economic restructuring.

Italian companies, which have carried out important projects in Libya since the Gaddafi period, have aspired to many projects in the fields of construction, infrastructure and energy in the new period. In this sense, the activities of Italian energy giant ENI are plentiful in the western part of the country. Some regional experts even claim that there is serious competition in the Libyan energy sector between ENI and the French Total company.

Prime Minister Dbeibeh has given significant weight to the economy and investment sector. Consequently, it is also stated that Dbeibeh, who is also a former businessman, follows a balanced policy with all international actors as a result of these policies.

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