Libyan PM Dbeibeh makes statements on the issue of IDPs

Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity (GNU) Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh stated that the issues of IDPs within the country are among their priorities.

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Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh visited the city of Murzuq in the Fezzan region of Libya this week. Dbeibeh was accompanied by Deputy Minister Ramadan Abu Jinnah and Minister of Finance Khaled Al-Mabrouk. Dbeibeh, who held meetings with the elders and notables in the city within the scope of the visit, expressed that they gave priority to the problems of internally displaced people (IDPs).

In addition to this, Dbeibah stated that, starting from Murzuq, they increased security measures in the southern part of the country and that security forces were formed to be deployed in the region. As a response, the notables of the city, who took the floor at the meeting, emphasized that this decision would be appropriate in order to reduce security concerns in the country. Deputy Prime Minister Jinnah also stated that with the visit to the city of Murzuq, they are planning to identify the problems of the city and take the necessary steps.

The problem of IDPs in Libya is an important and problematic issue. In the civil war environment, which started to show its weight in 2014, many citizens had to leave their homes. In addition to cities such as Benghazi, Derna, and Ajdabiya in the east of Libya, some cities in the Fezzan region are seen among the cities where the people are most exposed to internal migration in this sense. With the appointment of the GNU, the issue of internal migration has been put on the agenda and mentioned significantly.

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