Libyan Oil Minister announces energy summit scheduled for November 22-23

Libyan Oil and Natural Gas Minister Mohamed Aoun announced that a Libya Energy Summit is to be held on November 22-23.

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Libyan Oil and Natural Gas Minister Mohamed Aoun made a statement at a conference held in Cape Town, within the framework of the African Energy Week.

Aoun stated that they expect the participation of their counterparts from Europe, Sahel, North Africa and the Middle East region at the Libya Energy Summit to be held on November 22-23.

During his visit to Cape Town, Aoun met with Energy Capital & Power officials, one of Africa’s leading companies in the field of energy investment.

In addition to this, the Libyan Energy Summit, which will start on November 22, will be the first international energy event to be held in Tripoli in the last 10 years. The summit aims to determine Libya’s long-term energy policies and roadmap.

Again, within the scope of the summit, Libya also aims to bring foreign investors to the country in the energy sector.

The energy sector in Libya, which has difficulties in electricity supply due to the destruction caused by the 10-year civil war, is interpreted as a driving force for many different sectors.

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