Libyan Ministry of Interior announces investigation of conflicts in Tripoli

The cause of the clashes between two militia groups in Tripoli on the evening of July 22 is being investigated by the Ministry of Interior.

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In a statement made by the Libyan Ministry of Interior, it was announced that clashes between two militia groups, the Stabilization Support Apparatus (SSA) and the Special Deterrence Force (Rada), in Tripoli, on Thursday evening, were under control and the area was cleared of armed militias. It was also stated that the clashes that started between the two groups spread from the Sidi Al-Masri district in Tripoli to Sikka road. It was announced that 7 people, including 3 civilians, lost their lives during the clashes.

The clashes between two militia groups on Thursday evening have been continuing to echo.

According to local sources, Interior Minister Bashir Al-Amin has assigned a comprehensive team to investigate the issue. The same sources expressed that the clashes emerged when the troops of the Rada group blocked the road to the headquarters of the Government. Nonetheless, in the images reflected on social media, it is understood that heavy weapons and a large number of professional military equipment were used.

The SSA was established by the then-Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez al-Sarraj, with a decree in January 2021. Compared to other groups in the capital Tripoli and Misrata, the SSA acts directly under the Presidential Council. Led by Abdel Ghani Al-Kikli, the group is one of the important groups in Tripoli. On the other hand, the Rada militia group led by Abdelrauf Kara is one of the representatives of the Madkhali Salafi movement in Tripoli. As a result of the previous discussions within the government, it was taken from the Ministry of Interior in 2020 and attached to the Presidential Council.

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