Libya to ratify the Paris Agreement, says PM Dbeibeh

Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, the Prime Minister of Libya under the new Government of National Unity (GNU), announced that the country has decided to join the Paris Agreement.

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Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh announced that the Government of National Unity (GNU) decided to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement. Prime Minister Dbeibeh made the statement at a ceremony held on Sunday for World Environment Day.

In his speech, Dbeibeh stated, “Libya is one of the limited number of countries that have not ratified the Agreement, and, as the GNU, we decided to ratify this agreement with pride and responsibility today,” and stated that the agreement will be sent to the House of Representatives (HoR) for approval.

Referring to his government’s approach to global problems, Prime Minister Dbeibeh said, “We share the world’s concern about the increasing pressure on the ecosystem and natural resources.” Emphasizing the importance of the cooperation to be established through the United Nations Framework Agreement on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement in order to limit the uneven increase in global temperatures, Dbeibeh stated that his country is among the countries that suffer the most from the negative consequences of climate change due to its climate and geographical characteristics.

95% of Libya consists of either deserts or arid lands. As a result of the disadvantages created by the desert climate, a significant part of the country’s population lives in areas close to the coast. This situation severely limits the economic and commercial activities in the southern part of Libya, most notably in the province of Fezzan.  The Dbeibah government, which sees economic development as an important tool, has been the subject of various criticisms and praises for its participation in the Paris Agreement. The main source of the criticism stems from the claim that there are more important issues that need to be prioritized in the current political process of the war-torn country.

Libya has been a signatory to the Paris Agreement since April 2016.

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