Lebanon complains to the UN over Israeli airspace violations

On Thursday, the Lebanese army recorded six Israeli air violations over Beirut and its suburbs as well as other areas.

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Lebanon has filed a complaint to the UN Security Council over Israel’s desecration of its airspace. It said the fly-bys conducted by Israel “violated Lebanese sovereignty, endangered the safety of civil aviation and directly threatened the lives of civilian passengers, both Lebanese and foreigners.”

The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs in the caretaker government, Zeina Akar, said that hostile planes hurled missiles from Lebanese airspace in a blatant violation and besieged sites in Syria from a low altitude.

Akar sent their concerns through Lebanon’s Representative to the UN, Ambassador Amal Mudallali, and called on the UN to stop Israel from using Lebanese airspace to carry out its attacks on Syrian territory.

Stefano Del Col, the head of mission and force commander of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), said: “The violation of Lebanese territory by Israeli fighter aircrafts are violations of UN Resolution 1701 and of Lebanon’s sovereignty. I again call on the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to refrain from such actions, which undermine UNIFIL efforts to contain tensions and build confidence among the local population.”

Del Col also called on all parties to refrain from any action or response that would further escalate the situation.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has asked UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Joanna Wronecka, “to take swift action to put an end to Israeli violations and ensure that they are not repeated.”

On Thursday night, the Lebanese Army Command recorded six Israeli air violations over Beirut and its suburbs, as well as other areas.

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