Lebanese justice system denounced by critics following key activist’s killing

In the week following the burial of key Lebanese activist Lokman Slim, many took to the streets in protest against the Leabnese justice system and law enforcers.

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Admirers, friends and colleagues of Lokman Slim conducted protests in front of the Justice Palace in Beirut against the killing of the renowned political activist, and the justice system in Lebanon. The protestors underlined that Lokman is still alive through his ideals, and his killers do not scare them. Even though the killers of Lokman Slim have not been identified, many of those close to the activist blame Hezbollah, which denies involvement in the death of Slim and defines the accusations as an aim to incite chaos for political gain.

The 58-year-old Lokman Slim was found dead in his car on 4 February, having been shot four times. Family members note that they were unable to contact him the night before, and called on anyone with information to contact them, on Twitter.

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