Kuwait vows to provide support to cash-strapped Lebanon

Kuwait has pledged assistance to Lebanon's cash-strapped government, the Lebanese government stated on Sunday.

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Kuwait has pledged assistance to Lebanon’s cash-strapped government, the Lebanese government said Sunday.

Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah called Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

According to a statement issued by Mikati’s office, Sheikh Ahmed stated that Kuwait “will make every effort to assist Lebanon in its recovery.”

“The Gulf countries look forward to our beloved brotherly Lebanon’s stability, security, and recovery,” he said. “The ties that bind Kuwait and Lebanon, in particular, are extremely strong and are growing stronger by the day.”

Mikati’s efforts to restore Lebanese-Gulf relations were also lauded by Kuwait’s top diplomat.

Lebanon’s relations with the Gulf states have deteriorated in recent months as a result of Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies withdrawing their ambassadors from Beirut in protest of former Information Minister George Kordahi’s criticism of the Yemen war.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Yemen, on the other hand, recently returned their ambassadors to the Lebanese capital amid a diplomatic thaw between the two sides.

Lebanon has been mired in a severe economic crisis since late 2019, including a massive currency depreciation and fuel and medical shortages.

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