Khalifa Haftar launches attack in southern Libya

Haftar forces have taken control of the Essiyan border crossing with Algeria in southwestern Libya, according to the Libya Observer.

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The leader of the eastern militia groups, Khalifa Haftar, announced that a military offensive in the southern part of the country was launched. In a statement made by groups affiliated with Haftar, it was stated that Haftar militias were dispatched to the Fezzan region.

The statement also mentioned that the main target of the operation was African foreign mercenaries together with Tekfiri groups.

Ahmed Al-Utaybi, the commander of the Government of National Unity’s (GNU) Sabha military zone, announced recently that groups affiliated with Khalifa Haftar advanced south and that some units are stationed at Tamanhat Air Base.

According to experts, Haftar used the suicide attack in the city of Sabha on June 6 as an opportunity to intervene militarily in southern Libya. During the bomb attack, which was claimed by the Islamic State/Daesh terrorist organization, two security officials lost their lives and many people were injured.

The latest information on the attack, as per the Libya Observer, state that Haftar’s armed groups took control of the Essiyan border crossing with Algeria in southwestern Libya.

Chadian mercenaries in the southern part of the country pose a serious security threat to Libya, as the country prepares for general elections scheduled to be held on December 24, 2021.

Last month, a group of Chadian mercenaries crossed from Libya to Chad and clashed with Chadian security forces. As a result of the clashes, Chadian President Idrıss Deby was shot dead.

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